5 Round Mag

by Anna Oakley

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This is my debut project!


released December 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Anna Oakley Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Mad House feat. AGenius
I kill from the jump like a psycho
Still RIP to our rivals
Lay hands on you after the verse
My shit come out of a bible
These struggle rappers ain't shit
Only want collabs for survival
I swear love what I do
Rappers pay me so they can die tho!!!!
I got two dildos on ya headphones just to say fuck what ya heard before
Committed genocide wit the ΜΩΩΝ I still gotta murder mo'!
Up in ya favorite rappers face muggin like he run a corner store
"Spit" in his face then I spit in his face took on shit on his plate, claim he eatin? Noooooo!
Think they mad at me
Dare a muthafckin nigga try to battle me
Claim you hard throwin all these gang signs nigga you tryna battle or dance wit me?
Nigga pause
You niggas'll lose
Lookin like food
Pullin out the tools to improve that attitude
What I do to ya crew more than a bruise
It behooves ya to move
'Cause I don't follow rules
Ay Yo I'm Precious on a bungee cord snappin...
And Boston done birthed a monsta AO wuz happenin?
If you're a hater you're banished to play in traffic
In all black I'll fight you in Hell ninja assassin
(One) Run!
(Two) You!
(Three) From Me!
(Four) Your
(Five) Life
Run for your life!
Run for your life!
This is the…MadHouse!
We going mad! Ah
I think they mad Ah!
Verse 1
Yea crazy insane maniac deranged
Going berserk putting in work! Mad and unable to tame!
Mission to murk all of them skirts
All of these bitches is lame!
Gotta slight quirk
This is light work
You gon remember my name!
AO! Anna/Genius/Andre Elix
You know who the team is
They stay on our penis
Cause they wanna be us
If you haven’t seen us
Seen us? Jesus!
You must be on Venus!
When you piss me off I’m nothing like a lady
Fuckin with me or my team!
This is for them haters who be actin shady
Tell them losers sweet dreams
Rock-a-bye baby!
Damn she raw ain’t she?
Haven’t said is lately but you know Bull City raised me
Boston made me
But California pays me
(Pays me) pays me!
Pays me like CRAZY!
Oh my God what is the DJ even playing right now?
He’s ruining my party!
This is NOT music
All they do is yell
That’s why no one likes Rap
Ugh…I’m so mad right now!
Yea we raw that’s why you mad huh?
Then why you mad huh?
Yea we raw that’s why you mad huh?
Mad huh...MADHOUSE!
Verse 2
Run for your life bitch
I spit knives and slice shit
You spit lies that ice shit
Bring me the beat…I’ll dice it
Turnt like a light switch
Don’t get me excited
Meet me and my clique there will be a riot!
Lemme tell you haters something real quick
Trickin like some skaters on some real shit
Yea I recognize that Ima chick
But all these whack bitches can duck my sick!
Flows (flip that)
Ohhh (get that?)
Hoes (wit that)
Foes (get dat click clack)
Sharp shooter with the Ruger
Talk that shit
I’ll put it to ya!
Go ahead and call the trooper
I’ll just tell him welcome to the